[JAVA] I want to call a method of another class

I'm trying to create blackjack (card game) in java. However, the shuffleDeck method written in another class cannot be called in the main method.

I looked it up on the site and books, but I'm not sure ... How can I call it? Please teach me if you like.

Source code

public class Deck {

private int deckCount; // Variable to keep track of the progress of the deck private ArrayList deck; // List deck

//山札(deck)に値を入れ、シャッフルするメソッド public void shuffleDeck(List deck) { // Substitute 1-52 serial numbers in the list for (int i = 1; i <= 52; i++) { deck.add(i); } //山札をシャッフル Collections.shuffle(deck);


public class MainGame {

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{

System.out.println ("Welcome to Blackjack");

List deck = new ArrayList (52); // The number of cards is 52. The joker is not included. Build a deck so that there are no duplicate cards.



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