About the version of Docker's Node.js image

at first

There are different versions of the official Docker Node.js image published on Docker Hub. (Node.js container image URL: https://hub.docker.com/_/node)

In it, the version name is a number such as `15.5.0``` such as 15.5.0-buster-slim``` and a character string such as `` buster-slim. Some are combinations of, and some are just strings, such as dubnium-stretch-slim```. I can predict that the number part is the version of Node.js, but I had no idea what the character string part meant.

So, this time, I summarized what the character string part means.


It turns out that the string part includes words that represent LTS * supported versions of Node.js and words that represent Linux distributions.

※ LTS = Long Time Support

A word for a version of Node.js with LTS support

word meaning
fermium Node.js 14.x.A version of x with LTS
erbium Node.js 12.x.A version of x with LTS
dubnium Node.js 10.x.A version of x with LTS

A word for a Linux distribution

word meaning
alpine File size-focused distribution, very small
buster Debian version 10
strech Debian version 9
slim Lightweight version without processing system, you need to get the package you need

For example, the version where the string part is `` `buster-slim``` is an image using the lightweight distribution of Debian version 10 without processing system.

Also, the size of the container is ``` alpine <slim <others` ``. Alpine seems to be the best considering only the size of the container, but alpine does not have apt package management software, and when using Python images, selecting alpine will significantly slow down the execution speed. There seems to be a problem. Therefore, I think it is better to use different distributions according to what you want to do.

Reference material

Debian version list (URL: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianReleases)


I investigated the character string part of the Docker official Node.js image published on Docker Hub.

In this survey, for example, `` `dubnium-stretch-slim``` was found to have a Node.js version of 10.x.x, which is a lightweight version of Debian 9.

I'm new to Docker and don't care about the size of the container, so I'm going to use `` `buster``` safely.

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