[CENTOS] git flow Frequently used commands Memo


git clone
git flow init -d

[Create new feature]

--Creating a local feature --Registration to the original

git flow feature start <name>
git add/commit
git flow feature publish <name>

[Pull the feature created by another person locally]

--Pull the original feature locally --Push to the original

git flow feature pull origin <name>
git push origin feature/<name>

[Merge the original feature locally]

--Rebase the original feature locally

git pull --rebase origin feature/<name>

[End feature and merge into develop]

--Rebase the original develop locally

git pull --rebase origin develop
git flow feature finish <name>
git push origin develop
git push origin :feature/<name>


git archive develop | tar -x -C /xxxxx

[Cancel commit]

git reset --soft 1a01328135f2c0eed8f0fe55a357096853820761
git reset --hard 1a01328135f2c0eed8f0fe55a357096853820761


git diff br1:foo/bar.txt br2:hoge/fuga.txt

git log services.defs #Refer to the commit log of a specific file
git diff 6cd3311982b6622a292a43eb15700cd653b7b3ad services.defs #Specify the commit hash you want to compare

git show HEAD^:config/defs/services.defs #One before
git show HEAD^^:config/defs/services.defs #2 years ago


git checkout 6cd3311982b6622a292a43eb15700cd653b7b3ad services.defs
git checkout HEAD^^ services.defs

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