A collection of phrases that impresses the "different feeling" of Java and JavaScript

Some people who are not familiar with Java and JavaScript confuse them and refer to JS as "Java". Aside from the differences in language characteristics, it is effective to first impress such people that Java and JavaScript are different. After that, if you wish, talk about the characteristics of each language. In this article, I'll introduce some phrases that convey the different feelings of Java and JavaScript that may be useful in such situations.

"The difference between melon and melon bread"

"Different as much as India and Indonesia" "Different as much as Austria and Australia"

"It's as different as'Blackjack'and'Say Hello to Blackjack'"

"Ai Kato and Kai Ato are so different"

"Democratic Party and Liberal Democratic Party are different"

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A collection of phrases that impresses the "different feeling" of Java and JavaScript
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