How about TECH ACADEMY ?? [Java course]

How about TECH ACADEMY ?? [Java course]

This article is an impression article of the tech academy Java course edition. I just emphasize that it is an impression of the Java course because I have not taken other courses.

Background of the course

First of all, from the story of how I attended the Tech Academy. I was originally an embedded programmer and developed software in C for about two years. It starts with a dark story, but due to work pressure, neurosis and mental weakness, and overtime festivals, I got sick from my previous job and retired. What if I went to a programming school from an acquaintance when I thought, "Well, what's the matter? I'm free." Said, I tend to be attracted to things in the honor student genre, so I thought I would do Java, which can do anything with the Web, Android, and embedded systems.

As a result of searching for a place where "at a low tuition fee" can be given the highest priority, Tech Academy was selected as the top candidate. Actually, I was good at taking classes, so (I felt like I couldn't continue), Tech Camp, which was also cheap, was also a candidate. I was excluded from the candidates because there was no classroom nearby and Java had only services for corporate training.

So I pulled the invitation code of the appropriate blog for the one-month course of the Tech Academy Java course, got a 10,000 yen discount, paid about 120,000, and took the course.

If you are considering attending Tech Academy, please be aware that there is a way to get this 10,000 yen discount. There was a site explaining that area, so I pasted the link.

Impressions below.

It's hard

For that reason, the explanation of the curriculum is insufficient. I should have written HTML, but suddenly I wrote a JavaScript function that I hadn't touched before. There is no explanation. The above example is the most extreme example I have encountered, but it happens quite often. In the second half, if there is a chapter that says "Next, write this code and implement it!" There are some methods that are not mentioned in the code description immediately after that.

At that time, if you are a person who can move each time, such as whether to try google for the time being or ask a mentor. You will gain a lot of knowledge in the process of investigating, and you will develop problem-solving abilities, which will surely lead to a higher level.

So I don't know ... If you copy and paste and proceed in a magical format, you will not understand, in a boring chain I can't keep my motivation and maybe I'm frustrated.

To be honest, if you are new to programming, even if you pay a lot of money, I thought it would be better to go to a place where you can explain each and every one of them carefully through an ordinary classroom-style programming school.

You can learn how to get around when you encounter something you don't understand, or you can guess what you don't understand (there are other languages you have learned). Recommended for those who have.


If you try to do Java in a classroom-style programming school, it will be over 300,000, so I thought it would be a good deal to have 120,000 for one month and 170,000 for two months.

One month was hard, two months or more is realistic

I received it in a month, but my life became a tech academy and it was honestly hard. The curriculum was 160 hours, but I actually took more than 200 hours to advance the curriculum, partly because I wasn't very good at it. At the beginning, I was doing job hunting in parallel, but I couldn't keep up with it, so I concentrated on taking the course. The entire curriculum was completed two days before the end of the course deadline, so it may have been safe to apply in two months. By the way, the curriculum can be viewed even after the deadline has passed. I will not be able to receive questions about the content of the course or the support service of the mentor.

Also, if anyone wants to receive it in a month, see below.

** If you want to receive it in one month, apply the day after the application deadline has passed **

The following page is the Java course page of Tech Academy

There is an application deadline display, but the next application will start as soon as the deadline has passed. That state is the longest until the start period of the course, After completing the application procedure and processing the deposit, the curriculum will be available for viewing at that point. (Although other services such as mentor support are not available) In other words, it is a great deal because the course period will be extended to about 1.5 months. I regret that I should have done so now.

Others (because I'm getting tired)

--Mentor's answer is quick. Ask a question and it will come back in about 5 minutes. ――Mentoring twice a week is more effective than you can imagine in preventing skipping. Playing on Saturdays and Sundays I was amazed and had a trauma that I could only say "Ah ..." in the progress report to the mentor at the beginning of the week. ――I'm really worried about typographical errors in the curriculum. .. ――If you don't understand, you can ask questions immediately or google. ――When you finish the curriculum, when you look at various sites vaguely, you know that this is how it works. happy.


Recommended for those who have programming experience in other languages and want to save money. For the time being, if you manage the curriculum properly, you will acquire the knowledge to create a web application, so I felt that it was up to the person who did it how seriously they could do it.

That was all.

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