Build softether VPN with Centos7.


Here, we will explain the softether setup for intermediate users. The initial server settings are as follows

The environment is as follows

Server OS:Centos7
Client OS:Windows10
Client software:Tera Term

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Download & transfer

Download the server software from

Software is SoftEther VPN (freeware), The component is Softether Server, Match the platform and CPU to each environment. I was Linux, Intel x64 / AMD64 (64bit). After this, download the latest version of rtm. As of November 12, 2020, it is Ver 4.34, Build 9745.

Perform SCP (file transfer) with TeraTerm. SSH to the Server and drag the downloaded file to the command screen to display the confirmation window. If you enter with the default settings, the file will be located directly under the user directory. I had softether-vpnclient-v4.34-9745-rtm-2020.04.05-linux-x64-64bit.tar.gz in / root.

Unzip, move files

cd /root
tar zxvf softether-vpnserver-v4.34-9745-rtm-2020.04.05-linux-x64-64bit.tar.gz
cd vpnserver/

A confirmation screen such as license will be displayed, so select 1 three times. The operation is automatically confirmed in this.

Passed all checks. SoftEther VPN Server on this system/It seems likely that Bridge will work properly.

If the message is displayed, there should be no problem with the installation.

mv vpnserver/ /usr/local
#It is a file move.

SELinux settings

vim /etc/selinux/config

Reboot once for the settings to take effect.

Autostart settings (systemd)

cd /etc/systemd/system
vim softethervpn.service

#Describe the following
Description=SoftEther VPN Server

ExecStart=/usr/local/vpnserver/vpnserver start
ExecStop=/usr/local/vpnserver/vpnserver stop

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable softethervpn
systemctl start softethervpn
systemctl status softethervpn

After this, you can work with the Windows software. See the article below for details.

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