Avoid Yubaba's error in Java

Introduction This article https://qiita.com/Nemesis/items/c7192a7c510788d2cba2 This is plagiarism. sorry. Then this article could be a spoiler for the movie "Spirited Away". Only people who say "OK!" Should go down.



import java.util.Random;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class yubaba {
    public static void main(String[] arts){
    	System.out.println("It's a contract. Write your name there.");
    	Scanner keiyakusho = new Scanner(System.in);
    	String name = keiyakusho.nextLine();

    private static void Yubaba(String name) {
        try {
        	System.out.println("Hung."+name +"I mean. It's a luxurious name.");

        	Random random = new Random();
        	int newNameIndex = random.nextInt(name.length());
        	String newName = name.substring(newNameIndex,newNameIndex+1);

        	System.out.println("From now on your name is"+newName+"It is. Mind you,"+newName+"That's right. I'll reply when I understand"+newName+"!!");
        }catch(Exception e) {
        	System.out.println("Thank you Chihiro. my name is" + e);
        	System.out.println("I remember when you put null in me and fell. You tried to pick up the error");

I split Yubaba a little. An error occurs when the poster of the original article inputs. This is a slightly improved version of the problem. When null is entered in the string input, I remember that Haku's real name was IllegalArgumentException.

What is try-catch? In short, try-catch is like "If you do a process that is likely to cause an error in try and throw an error, you will go into catch". Processing that is likely to cause an error is, for example, inputting a character string, FilleWriter, or DB connection. There is also finally, which is code that runs with or without an error.


        try {
             //Processing that is likely to cause an error
        }catch(Exception e) {
             //What to do if an error occurs
             //The final process to be executed regardless of whether an error occurs or not

It looks like this. (I won't write in detail, but I hope it will be the starting point for the error ...)

Finally I'm sorry for the omission article. I'm sorry for the author of the original article. I did it because I was a little bored studying Java Silver ... 11/05 Fixed Yubaba method nicely. By calling this method, it is possible to make the name one letter at any time.

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