I created a Docker image of a container for learning OpenAI Gym


I created it because I wanted to create a machine learning environment for Docker containers with the local VS Code that I'm used to. It was my first time to create a Docker image, so I was able to confirm the operation of Gym while crying for various errors. Released.


I made it to run the gym environment on a command basis using Visual Studio CODE and check the operation with a browser.


--You can connect to the container (Ubuntu18.04) with ssh and check the GUI with a browser using noVNC. --Two users, root and user, are set. --run.sh can be set to share volumes on the local and container.



docker build --build-arg ROOT_PASSWORD=password -t gym_container:dev .

Set ROOT_PASSWORD to the password used when connecting to ssh.

Run build.sh in the terminal.

Execution command

$ sh build.sh

Run Run run.sh.

Execution command

$ sh run.sh

Connect to container via ssh

The ssh port is set to 2222 in run.sh.

Connect with ssh

$ ssh [email protected] -p 2222

Confirmation on the browser

The vnc port is set to 6081 in run.sh. Connect to localhost: 6081 with an HTML5-enabled browser.

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