Solve AtCoder Beginner Contest 150 in java

AtCoder Beginner Contest 150 Thank you for your hard work! Official page

Unfortunately it's Unrated again ...

To commemorate the creation of my account, I also committed the AtCoder code I started a while ago after the contest was over. Here In addition, I will write a commentary article.

For the first time in competitive programming, I can only write about java as a language, so I use java. (Why are there so many people using Python or C in competition pros ...)

Problem A

The problem of multiplying and comparing. I don't think any explanation is necessary.

Problem B

The problem of finding out how many ABCs are in order. I didn't have to worry about the performance, so I simply picked up three and checked if they matched.

Problem C

I think there is a better way, but ... I converted the two sequences by "what number is the largest number", compared the two sequences, and multiplied each digit by the corresponding factorial value.

I can't explain it in letters very well. I think it's easier to understand if you look at the code.

Problem D

The least common multiple problem. I don't know why it's wrong!

As a basic policy --Least common multiple calculation --Output the value obtained by dividing the given m + least common multiple / 2 by the least common multiple

I did it at. However, if the sequence is 2/4/6, the answer will be 0. Because there is no such thing as "the power of 2". 2 * (p + 0.5) is not a multiple of 2, but 4 * (p + 0.5) is a multiple of 2. As you can see, all the numbers in the sequence need to be the power of two.

However, the answer is incorrect. I was struggling with this problem and ended up ...

I didn't know how much I thought about it today, so I'd like to see it again at a later date!

(Addition) I found a bug in the program and fixed it to AC.

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