Ruby score calculation program

I wrote a simple score calculation program, so a memorandum for myself

First of all, the following code


k,n = gets.chomp.split(" ").map{|i| i.to_i}
a = []
d = []

k.times do
  d_1,a_1 = gets.chomp.split(' ').map{|i| i.to_i}

num = 0
check = []

while k > 0
  if d[num].between?(1,9)
    check.push(((a[num].fdiv(n) * 100) * 0.8).floor)
  elsif d[num] >= 10
    check.push((a[num].fdiv(n) * 100).floor)

  if check[num] >= 80
    puts "A"
  elsif check[num] >= 70
    puts "B"
  elsif check[num] >= 60
    puts "C"
    puts "D"
  num = num + 1
  k = k - 1

The first if statement checks whether points can be deducted from the submission deadline. There is no origin if there is no deadline assuming the submission deadline (d_1) 20% deduction if delayed by 1-9 days I give 0 points for 10 days or more.

The second if statement returns the evaluation of the final score in four stages.

The new method used this time is fdiv. In a word, it is almost the same as to_f.

x / y.to_f To be x.fdiv(y) I'm just fixing it

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