[Java] Create an executable module with Gradle


After creating a simple module without UI in Java, place it in the execution environment.


・ Eclipse ・ Gradle

build.gradle settings

ʻAdd the application` plugin and the definition of the Main classpath.


apply plugin: 'application'

mainClassName = 'jp.vicugna_pacos.admainte.main.AdMainteMain'


  1. Run Gradle's task ʻinstallDist`.
  2. An executable module will be created in the project folder / build / install. Copy it and move it to the specified location.
  3. The bat file in the bin folder is the startup script.

If there is no JAVA_HOME

Looking at the bat file created above, it is assumed that the environment variable JAVA_HOME is defined. If there is no JAVA_HOME, create a wrapper bat file as follows.

Wrapper bat sample

@echo off

set ARGS=%*
set DIRNAME=%~dp0
set JAVA_HOME=E:\jre\8



Go out property files etc.

First, put the files you want to go out in the src / dist folder.

As it is, the property file in src / main / resources has priority, so do not include it in the Jar file.


jar {
    exclude '**/config.properties'
    exclude '**/logback.xml'

In addition, the files placed in the dist folder should be included in the classpath at runtime.


startScripts {
  classpath += files('src/dist/XxxAPlaceHolderForAConfigxxX')
  doLast {
    def windowsScriptFile = file getWindowsScript()
    def unixScriptFile    = file getUnixScript()
    windowsScriptFile.text = windowsScriptFile.text.replace('%APP_HOME%\\lib\\XxxAPlaceHolderForAConfigxxX', '%APP_HOME%\\config')
    unixScriptFile.text  = unixScriptFile.text.replace('$APP_HOME/lib/XxxAPlaceHolderForAConfigxxX', '$APP_HOME/config')

In this sample, the files placed in the dist / config folder will be included in the classpath.

reference: java - Adding classpath entries using Gradle's Application plugin - Stack Overflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10518603/adding-classpath-entries-using-gradles-application-plugin

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