[JAVA] Eclipse Pleiades All in One for Mac released

Since it is ultra-hypermedia difficult to introduce Pleiades to Eclipse on Mac, we have released Pleiades All in One for macOS. Pleiades All in One is a set of convenient plug-ins for Pleiades and each language that translates Java applications into Japanese with the integrated development environment Eclipse itself and AOP, but until now it was only for Windows.

</ i> Installation


http://mergedoc.osdn.jp/>> Select the version with Pleiades All in One Download> Download the dmg file from Mac 64bit. 4.6 Neon or later is compatible with Mac. eaio-download.png

** Install **

There is no installer in particular, but all you have to do is open the downloaded dmg file and drag and drop it. As with the Windows version, the Full Edition does not require Java installation or environment variable settings, and is ready to use. paio-dmg.png


If the warning "Cannot open because the developer is unconfirmed" is displayed at the first startup, right-click to open it and the following dialog will be displayed. Click "Open". From the second time onward, this warning will not be displayed. paio-open.png

If you start after changing the file included in the app such as eclipse.ini without starting it once, the warning "Cannot open because it is broken. You need to put it in the" Trash "" is displayed and you can press the open button. It may not be there. This happens when Gatekeeper determines that the application has been tampered with since it was signed. If you can trust it, such as if you changed it yourself, delete the extended attributes with the following command before starting it.

xattr -rc /Applications/Eclipse_(version).app

</ i> Contents of Mac version

#### ** Directory structure ** You can check the contents by right-clicking Eclipse_x.x.x.app and selecting "Show Package Contents". It is basically the same as the Windows version.
  • .metadata.default contains the default settings when creating a workspace.
  • Each version of Java and Tomcat included in the Java version Full Edition is set with an absolute path to settings such as "Installed JRE" when Eclipse is started.
  • workspace defaults to in app. If you want to use a different location, specify it in the dialog at the first startup, or change it from File> Switch Workspace.
  • eclipse -clean.command starts -clean by double-clicking from Finder, which is the same as starting by -clean from the terminal.

** Java for running Eclipse **

In the Full Edition, in the Windows version, the jre directory is automatically recognized as Java for executing Eclipse, but it is not recognized in Mac, so -vm is specified in eclipse.ini.

** Installed JRE settings **

The Java 6, 7, and 8 library settings for the Java version of Full Edition exclude the following external extension directories to eliminate environment dependencies. The internal Home / jre / lib / ext is included.

  • / Users / / Library / Java / Extensions
  • /usr/lib/java
  • /Network/Library/Java/Extensions
  • /Library/Java/Extensions
  • /System/Library/Java/Extensions

Java3D related libraries included in / System / Library / Java / Extensions on Mac Java 6 are located in java / 6 / Home / jre / lib / ext in Java attached to Pleiades All in One, so use them as they are. Is possible. Note that starting with Java 8u40, the extension mechanism has been deprecated and the java.ext.dirs option is not available in 9EA, so you must use the classpath.

** Execution environment for each language **

Eclipse plug-ins for each language are included, but for now, the Windows version of C / C ++, PHP, the MinGW, Python processing system included in the Python version, and the equivalent of XAMPP (PHP) are included. Not included. (Mac includes Apache, Python, PHP, etc. by default.)


The included Eclipse plug-in is the same as the Windows version, but some appearances may differ. The following is the menu of the Open External plug-in that is displayed when you right-click a folder in Eclipse's Package Explorer.


</ i> To apply Pleiades manually

If you want to apply Pleiades to Eclipse or Eclipse 4.5 or earlier versions that are already installed on your Mac, see the following Qiita articles written by others.

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