[RUBY] I want to eliminate duplicate error messages

Duplicate error message ①

Using the form_with method I made a form to input a numerical value in form.number_field. If you enter the correct number, no error will occur, and if you try to enter a number that exceeds the validation, an error will occur at that timing. However, if you send the input form empty,

Please enter ○○ ○○ is an invalid value ○○ is not in the list

And I get 3 errors. Just send the sky and you don't need three! !! !!



with_options presence: true do
    validates :grade, format: { with: /\A[0-9]+\z/, allow_blank: true}, inclusion: { in: 1..7, allow_blank: true }
    validates :class_number, format: { with: /\A[0-9]+\z/, allow_blank: true }, inclusion: { in: 1..10, allow_blank: true }

format is regular expression validation. inclusion is the validation of the numerical range.

allow_blank: true is a method that does not perform validation if the value is empty. It's verbose, but when it's empty, format and inclusion validation doesn't respond.

Looking at the error message again, "○○ is an invalid value" is responding to format It can be seen that "○○ is not in the list" is responding to inclusion.

Duplicate error message ②

If you use a foreign key and validate it with presence: true, you will get two error messages with similar content.


Delete the validation of the foreign key described in the model.

[Digression] I want to change the order of error messages

The order can be resolved by changing the description position of validation and association. I am grateful that no particular problem will occur because I only change the position of the description. This is probably because the code is being read from above. It's a little bit, but I want to send an error message in the order of the input form.

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