[RUBY] [rails] How to display db information

Thing you want to do Extract all the information in the Item table Display database information in view file index.html.erb

Premise Item table contents info column! I want to display the saved contents in the info column

① Described in items_controller

 def index
    @items = Item.all


When the index action moves Make @items contain all the information in the Item table.

② Describe in index.html.erb file

<% @items.each do |item| %>
<%= item.info%>


<% @items.each do |item| %> @items ← Item table Contains all the information. Extract all the information from there and assign it to item (variable) one by one. <%= item.info%> Information saved in the info column <%= %> Information can be displayed by adding equality

Contents of Item table info Explanation 1 Explanation 2

View of index.html.erb Explanation 1 Explanation 2 (The information saved in the info column is displayed)

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