[JAVA] I want to use NetBeans on Mac → I can use it!

In a programming class at a certain university, Java programming is done using NetBeans. If you put NetBeans in your machine, you can submit assignments (coding is done with VS Code), so I definitely want to put it in, but I can not use it on Mac no matter how hard I try. I've done it for the time being, so please help someone. ** Addition: It worked safely **


Machine: MacBook 2017 OS:macOS Mojave

I tried installing the Oracle JDK

For the time being, I first installed the Oracle JDK with a GUI.

However, NetBeans has little response when the main window pops up, when I press a new project button or any other button.

The same phenomenon occurred when I installed multiple JDKs and JREs on Linux before, so I thought it was strange, so I deleted all JREs and JDKs and removed all Java execution systems from within the Mac.

I installed OpenJDK.

I tried to install only OpenJDK11 without JRE, but the symptom does not improve ... Now, write the location of openjdk11 in jdk-home in netbeans.conf.

Hmmm it won't improve

Try dropping the version of OpenJDK

I heard that JDK11 does not work with Netbeans 8.2, so I installed OpenJDK9,10. I also tried writing each in netbeans.conf.

Still, the symptom does not improve.

Try installing the development version of NetBeans

http://bits.netbeans.org/download/trunk/nightly/latest/ I installed the development version of NetBeans (Build 201804200002) here.

Well, it's added to LaunchPad, but when I try to launch it, the window doesn't appear ...


I've run out of measures.

If anyone knows how to deal with it, could you please tell me ...?

Postscript moved

https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Download jdk8 from here. Install normally,


#At the end

It worked by writing.

I'm glad that JDK 8 works on Mojave.

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