[RAILS] How to specify validation for time_field


When implementing a form with rails, I tried to register business hours using `` `time_field```, but validation did not work and I had a hard time, so I will keep it as a record.


In order to keep the order that I was addicted to, I will describe it in three steps.

  1. Generate a time selection box with no options
    <div class="time-field">
      <%= f.time_select :open_time %> 〜
      <%= f.time_select :close_time %>

204b83a9e02c5af89386534b8d0aeac4.png Since the current time is displayed as it is, validation will pass even if you forget the setting.

  1. Add `` `prompt: true``` as an option
    <div class="time-field">
      <%= f.time_select :open_time, prompt: true %> 〜
      <%= f.time_select :close_time, prompt: true %>

be7a44a3360206f251ae9e27117a9c94 (1).png If you haven't selected the time with this, it should be played by validation and an error will be displayed! I thought, but no error is displayed.

  1. Add ignore_date: true
    The reason why the validation does not play even though the time should not be specified is that the date information is also sent. Checking the parameters when executing the create action, it is as follows


"open_time(1i)"=>"1", "open_time(2i)"=>"1", "open_time(3i)"=>"1", "open_time(4i)"=>"", "open_time(5i)"=>""

The first half " open_time (1i) "=>" 1 "," open_time (2i) "=>" 1 "," open_time (3i) "=>" 1 " is the year, month, day If you do not enter the data, the value "1" will be entered and sent, so validation can be passed.
Add the ignore_date option to avoid this situation

By setting it to true, if it is not entered, it will not be sent and it will be judged only by the time.

#### **`console`**

"open_time(4i)"=>"", "open_time(5i)"=>"", "close_time(4i)"=>"", "close_time(5i)"=>""

The date part was not included in the parameters and the error message could be displayed safely.


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