[RUBY] Downgrade an existing app created with rails 5.2.4 to 5.1.6

I was developing with rails 5.2.4, but I chose to downgrade because I wanted to manage the existing service and version together. Since the environment is built with docker, it is necessary to change the version of rails such as the PC you are using if it is local.


1. Rewrite rails version of Gemfile


gem "rails", "5.1.6"

2.bundle update (docker service name is web)

$ docker-compose run web bundle update

3. Rewrite config

Since config.load_defaults of application.rb is 5.2, change it to 5.1


 config.load_defaults 5.1

4. Unset Active Record

Removed active_storage line in application.js


//=require active_storage

Removed active_storage line in config


config.active_storage.service = :local


config.active_storage.service = :local

5. Create secrets.yml

Create secrets.yml under config and create a key with bundle exec rake secret.

Reference article https://qiita.com/tanishilove/items/2801059830e5af1262d7

6. Finally, delete the Active_storage setting that remains in development.rb

Change config.active_record.verbose_query_logs to false


config.active_record.verbose_query_logs = false


I don't think there are many opportunities to lower the version, but I hope it will be helpful in case of trouble.

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