Java code TIPS

Lambda knowledge

Main functional interface

Interface name Method Overview
Function<T,R> R apply(T t) Argument T,Return value R
Consumer<T> void accept(T t) Argument T,No return value
Predicate<T> boolean test(T t) Argument T,Return value boolean
Supplier<T> T get() No arguments,Return value T
UnaryOperator<T> T apply(T t) Argument T,Return value T
BinaryOperator<T> T apply(T t1, T t2) 2 arguments T,Return value R
BiFunction<T,U,R> R apply(T t, U u) Arguments T and U,Return value R

Intermediate operation

Method name Overview
filter Elements that match the conditions
distinct Elements without duplication
limit Specified number of elements
skip Elements excluding the specified number
map Elements converted by some processing
sorted sort

Termination operation

Return type Method name Overview Similar
boolean anyMatch Did it match any of the elements allMatch
R collect Result of variable reduction operation
long count Number of elements
Optional<T> findAny Either element findFirst
void forEach Processing for elements that do not return a return value
Optional<T> max Maximum element min
T reduce Cumulative processing result

List related

Sort and combine"", (all,s) -> all + "\r\n" + s);

String.join("\r\n", list);

Unique sort

		List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
		list.add("A1:100");, s2) -> {

			int ret = s1.substring(s1.length() -3).compareTo(s2.substring(s2.length() -3));
			if(ret == 0) {
				return s1.compareTo(s2);
			return ret * -1;


Output the contents of List


Serial number creation

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