Self-hosting with Docker of AuteMuteUs in Windows environment


AutoMute Us is a tool that automatically mutes Among us when you play it with Discord's voice chat. Recently, it seems that various functions such as winning percentage are increasing, but to use the latest functions, you need to self-host with Docker. The one that can be executed by Windows exe has stopped development in 2.4.3, and the operation seems to be unstable.

I succeeded in self-hosting with Docker, so I will record how to do it.



Docker Desktop 3.0.4 Docker Compose 1.28.0-rc2 automuteus 6.10.1 galactus 2.4.1

AutoMuteUs hosting procedure

As described in Docker Compose on github, the procedure is shown below.

① Create and invite a bot by referring to [3. Create a Discord bot] in the link below to get a Token. Self-hosted Super Convenient Discord bot “AutoMuteUs” for Among Us (Official Recommended Easy Version)

② Install Docker Desktop and Docker Compose.

③ Download the yml file from the link below

④ Download sampl.env from the link below

⑤ Rename the downloaded sampl.env to .env and enter the following items. AUTOMUTEUS_TAG: Enter the latest version number from here GALACTUS_TAG: Enter the latest version number from here DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN: Describe the token obtained in ① GALACTUS_HOST: Describes the galactus host accessed by the automuteus container. This time it will be completed locally, so write http: // localhost GALACTUS_EXTERNAL_PORT: Describes the port number when accessing the host. This time it is 80. If you want to change it, enter the port in GALACTUS_HOST as well.

⑥ Place the created .env and docker-compose.yml in the same folder, make it the current directory, and start the command line.

⑦ Command execution docker-compose pull

⑧ Command execution docker-compose up -d

The host is complete. Check the operating status with Docker Desktop, and if it works normally, it's OK.


Download the latest Among Us Capture from the link below, start it, and put the obtained token in [Setting]-[Discord]-[Discord token].

Start the game, enter .au new in the Discord channel where you invited the bot, and you will receive a DM from the bot. You can use it by clicking the link and linking with Among Us Capture. See Official Github Page for other commands.


About troubles that occurred when building the environment I get the following error on galactus and can't connect to redis. websocket: close 4004: Authentication failed. No REDIS_USER specified. No REDIS_PASS specified.

It seems that the above error occurs because it cannot communicate with Discord. Is the same port number already in use by another container? Make sure that the Discord tokens match.

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