[SWIFT] SDWebImage: How to clear the cache for a particular UIImageView


SDWebImage, which is widely used as an image cache library, I think that there are many scenes that mainly use the following methods as methods when clearing the cache.


But if you want to clear the cache for a particular UIImageView, It is expensive to clear all the caches one by one, so I tried to find out how to clear the cache of a specific UIImageView.

Clear cache for a particular UIImageView

This can be achieved by using the following method.

SDImageCache.shared.removeImageFromDisk(forKey: String)
SDImageCache.shared.removeImageFromDisk(forKey: String)

The argument forKey (cacheKey) seems to be the URL set in the UIImageView. ▼ Official Document

The cache key is an application unique identifier for the image to cache. It is generally the absolute URL of the image.

I'm a little worried about generally, but lol (probably because you can specify the key when caching?) I was able to clear the cache by implementing as follows.

if let cacheKey = uiimageView.sd_imageURL?.absoluteString {
    SDImageCache.shared.removeImageFromDisk(forKey: cacheKey)
    SDImageCache.shared.removeImageFromDisk(forKey: cacheKey)

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