[JAVA] Hash passwords with Spring Boot + Spring Security (with salt, with stretching)

Spring Security's Password Encoder makes it easy to generate salted + stretched hash values. This article is a sample.


JDK:1.8 Spring Boot:1.5.3.RELEASE Spring Security:4.2.2.RELEASE

Spring Security PasswordEncoder Class Diagram It may be hard to see, but the class diagram of PasswordEncoder of Spring Security 4.2.2.RELEASE is as follows.

Spring Security PasswordEncoder Class Diagram1.png

There are six implementation classes for the PasswordEncoder interface.

PasswordEncoder implementation class Overview
AbstractPasswordEncoder -
NoOpPasswordEncoder Encoder without hashing(for test)
Pbkdf2PasswordEncoder Implementation of PasswordEncoder using PBKDF2 with configurable number of iterations and random 8-byte random salt value
StandardPasswordEncoder SHA-256 algorithms+Encoder that hashes with 1024 stretches
BCryptPasswordEncoder Encoder that performs hashing with the bcrypt algorithm
SCryptPasswordEncoder Encoder that performs hashing with the scrypt algorithm

In this article, I will use BCryptPasswordEncoder for hashing.

Hashing with BCryptPasswordEncoder

Add a Spring Security dependency.



This time, CommandLineRunner is implemented as CLI.


package com.example;

import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.boot.CommandLineRunner;
import org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication;
import org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.SpringBootApplication;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.security.crypto.bcrypt.BCryptPasswordEncoder;
import org.springframework.security.crypto.password.PasswordEncoder;

public class SpringBootEncodeApplication implements CommandLineRunner {

	PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder;

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		SpringApplication.run(SpringBootEncodeApplication.class, args);

	PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder() {
		return new BCryptPasswordEncoder();

	public void run(String... args) {

		String password = "#fe?3d31";
		String digest = passwordEncoder.encode(password);
		System.out.println("Hash value= " + digest);

		if (passwordEncoder.matches(password, digest)) {
			System.out.println("It matched");
		System.out.println("It didn't match");

Hash the plaintext password (password) using the PasswordEncoder's encode method. The hashed result is digest. Then use PasswordEncoder's matches method to match the plaintext password (password) with the hash value (digest) obtained by the encode method.

Execution result.

Hash value= $2a$10$im98CLRwtWohvPE6wZkYk.Os.RXZVF0iROJXL8vUn7TGrfWoixTdq
It matched

How to read the hash value

The hash value generated above is as follows.


The view is as follows.

Character location String Overview
1st to 3rd characters $2a The version number of bcrypt.
4th to 6th characters $10 Stretching frequency(Number of iterations of hashing operation)Will be. The number of times is 2 to the nth power. Therefore, in this example, 2^10=It will be 1024 times.
7th to 29th characters $im98CLRwtWohvPE6wZkYk. Salt value.
30th to last Os.RXZVF0iROJXL8vUn7TGrfWoixTdq Password body.

As mentioned above, you can use Spring Security's PasswordEncoder to generate salt + stretched hash values, and you can easily match them with plaintext passwords.

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