[RAILS] Convert ruby object to JSON format

It puts a ruby object such as a hash or an array in the argument and returns it in JSON format.


pry(main)> JSON.generate({"hoge"=>{"fuga"=>1, "fugafuga"=>2}})
=> "{\"hoge\":{\"fuga\":1,\"fugafuga\":2}}"


pry(main)> JSON.pretty_generate({"hoge"=>{"fuga"=>1, "fugafuga"=>2}})
=> "{\n  \"hoge\": {\n    \"fuga\": 1,\n    \"fugafuga\": 2\n  }\n}"

It returns a string that is easier to read than JSON.generate.

It was said that it is better to use generate because generate is lighter in capacity unless it is read by humans.

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