Create a lightweight STNS Docker image

Since the Docker image of the STNS server is large, I made a lightweight Docker image.



The build environment and execution environment are separated by using multi-stage build.

--Multi-stage build --Build-time image: golang: 1.15.6-alpine3.12 --Runtime image: alpine: 3.12


We have achieved a ** 68% size reduction ** compared to the officially provided Docker image.

$ docker images | grep stns
stns-server                                                      latest                                           98a315731b33   41 minutes ago   69.2MB
stns/stns                                                        latest                                           597e448def6a   9 days ago       219MB


FROM golang:1.15.6-alpine3.12 AS builder
ENV BUILD=/artifacts
RUN apk --no-cache update && \
    apk --no-cache upgrade && \
    apk --no-cache add make alpine-sdk gcc openssl libcurl git && \
    git clone && \
    cd STNS/ && \
    mkdir -p $BUILD && \
    make install MODDIR=$BUILD BINDIR=$BUILD

FROM alpine:3.12
EXPOSE 1104/tcp
COPY --from=builder /artifacts /stns
COPY config.toml /stns
ENTRYPOINT ["/stns/stns", "--config", "/stns/config.toml", "server"]

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