[SWIFT] [Xcode] First of all, this is a convenient shortcut

I tried to collect must-have items (keyboard shortcuts). The environment is Xcode 11.6.

I often forget complicated shortcuts (customize them!), But I use them a lot and should get used to them quickly.


cmd + F

Search within the currently open file.

cmd + shift + F

Search from all files.

cmd + shift + O

Search for file names and function names. Very convenient!

Build and run

Remember the following two as a set.

cmd + R


cmd + .

Stop execution (build).


cmd + shift + J

"Which directory hierarchy is the file you are editing?"

cmd + 0

Show / hide the left menu.

cmd + 1~9

Switch the display in the left menu.


Right click, cmd + click

Right-click a symbol or hold down cmd and click to see various actions. Right-click → Refactor → Rename is often used.

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