[RUBY] Use collection_select to pull down the data stored in Active_Hash


What I want to implement this time is a function that stores unchanged information such as the shipping source and product status as Active_Hash and displays it as a pull-down in the view file when implementing the product listing function.

Regarding how to store prefectures etc. with Active_Hash, I wrote a separate article, so please refer to that.

About Active Hash

What is collection_select

It is one of the helper methods, and it is a description that can display the value given the key in the select box.

The basic description is


f.collection_select(:Column name,Array of elements,Item of value attribute,Text item, { prompt: "Please select" }

It seems to be.


This time, I will write down an example of implementing the presence or absence of shipping charges as a PostageType class when listing products.


<%= f.collection_select(:postage_type, PostageType.all, :id, :name, {}, {class:"select-box", id:"item-shipping-fee-status"}) %>

If you leave the prompt part empty, Active Hash's: id = 1 seems to be displayed as the pull-down default.

I will also write down the description of Active Hash of postage_type.


class PostageType < ActiveHash::Base
  self.data = [
    {id: 1, name: '---'},{id: 2, name: 'Cash on delivery(Buyer burden)'},{id: 3, name: 'postage included(Exhibitor burden)'}

As an aside, let's write the ** class name in the upper camel case **. I made an error and got lost once ...

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