[JAVA] I went to Scala Fukuoka 2019!

I participated in ** Scala Fukuoka 2019 ** held at LINE Fukuoka on January 19, 2019!

2019/01/19 (Sat) 11: 00- LINE Fukuoka https://scala-fukuoka.org


Keynote-When to use Scala and when not to use it

Gakuzo-san (Tech to Value) @gakuzzzz

A summary of Scala's language characteristics and surrounding environment, and Scala's orientation.

Scala language characteristics

Library circumstances

Around the runtime


Practice Clean Architecture

Mr. Fujii (chat work) @yoshiyoshifujii

An explanation of the points of clean architecture and an introduction of implementation examples in Scala.


Separation of policy and details

SOLID principle

Component principles

There are conflicting points, so balance is important.

Clean architecture

Practice in Scala

See slide.

Sponsor Lunch Session A


Sponsor Lunch Session B


Domain modeling with Scala code

Jun Kato (chat work) @ j5ik2o

Introducing the domain modeling method focusing on domain events and the implementation example by Scala.


Modeling with domain events

Use Case

People, things, things

Modeling flow

Implementation by Event Sourcing

Consistency across aggregates

Beginning with Databricks and Spark [Big Data ETL Processing / Data Visualization] Introduction to Practice

Mr. Shimada (Every) @smdmts

Explanation of databricks / Spark practice and data visualization. (I don't have much prior knowledge of data analysis, so I can't keep up with it ...)




As a result of trying Scala with Sier, the story of changing jobs to the Web system

Mr. Hosoya (CyberAgent) @bake_nezumi


The story of introducing Scala with SIer.

How to Learn New Programming Languages ~ Scala Learned with Parza Combinator Library ~

Mr. Mizushima (Dwango) @kmizu


You have already mastered one or more programming languages, and how to learn a new programming language.


Concrete syntax

Abstract syntax

Type system

Derived type (subtyping)

Polymorphic type (generics)


How to learn a language


Emotional Scala

@HonMarkHunt (Bizreach)

Write \ / and read as disjunction

Daigoro-san (Rakuten)

Quick introduction to scalafix

Mr. Taniguchi (Hatena) @tanishiking


Apache Kafka

Mushrooms (freelance) @ aa7th


Run Scala on GraalVM

Kishida-san (LINE) @kis


  1. Make FAT-jar with sbt assembly.
  2. Natively compile with native-image -jar ****. Jar on GraalVM.


We got on the front in Fukuoka and started out on the night of Hakata with four engineers who are getting along well.

The offal grilled shop here is already exquisite, and I thought I would like to go there again when I come to Hakata.

Mochiyaki Shiodaya Shirokane

Related ranking: Motsunabe | Yakuin Station , Watanabe-dori Station , Nishitetsu Hirao Station

in conclusion

I want to come again next year! !!

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