Java learning memo (creating an array)

Since it is a memorandum memo, details are not described.

Creating an array

・ How to declare an array

It is flexible and can be declared as follows. The number of [] can be used to determine the number of dimensional arrays.

① int[] a;  ② int a[]; ③ int [] [] a; Two-dimensional array ④ int [] a []; Two-dimensional array ⑤ int [] [] a []; 3D array

-Generation of array instance

  1. Specify the number of elements. The following creates an array instance that handles three int type elements and assigns them to the array type variable num. * Reference type It is also possible to use an expression to specify the number of elements if it is an int type.

int[] num = new int[3]; int [] num = new int [2 * 3]; * Calculation formula to return an int type value

  1. Initialization operator You can use the initialization operator {} to instantiate and initialize at the same time. The following is an array type variable str with three String type elements.

String[] str = {“A”,”B”,”C”};

  1. Generate a two-dimensional array later. The number of elements in the first dimension is specified first, and the second dimension is later assigned as an element of the array in the first dimension.

int [][] num = new int[2][];   num[0] = new int[3];   num[1] = new int[2];

It is also possible to specify different numbers of elements as described above.

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