I took a peek at the contents of Java's HashMap

Read the Java HashMap Source Code (https://github.com/AdoptOpenJDK/openjdk-jdk8u/blob/master/jdk/src/share/classes/java/util/HashMap.java) and read the hash Confirmed that the key comparison is done with equals () .

     * Implements Map.get and related methods.
     * @param hash hash for key
     * @param key the key
     * @return the node, or null if none
    final Node<K,V> getNode(int hash, Object key) {
        Node<K,V>[] tab; Node<K,V> first, e; int n; K k;                            //Internal array
        if ((tab = table) != null && (n = tab.length) > 0 &&
            (first = tab[(n - 1) & hash]) != null) {                                //Of the internal array(hashCode/Array length remainder)The second stored element(First Node of LinkedList)
            if (first.hash == hash && // always check first node
                ((k = first.key) == key || (key != null && key.equals(k))))
                return first;
            if ((e = first.next) != null) {
                if (first instanceof TreeNode)
                    return ((TreeNode<K,V>)first).getTreeNode(hash, key);
                do {                                                                 //Search the Linked List one by one
                    if (e.hash == hash &&                                            //If the hashCode is different, go to the next Node(optimization purpose)      
                        ((k = e.key) == key || (key != null && key.equals(k))))      //Here equals()Compare with!!!!!!
                        return e;
                } while ((e = e.next) != null);     
        return null;

It was confirmed that the object under search and the object with the key of each Node of the LinkedList under search are compared for consent using their respective equals ().


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