[RUBY] [Controller] I want to retrieve the numerical value of a specific column from the DB (my memo)

Table A: user B table: user_info

Purpose: I want to return the numerical value of a specific column (user_main_id in this case) of table B

manner: Only @user_session of A table is prepared.

  1. Find the id in @user_session in the A table.
  2. Match the id of table A with the number of user_id of table B
  3. Get the target column (user_main_id) after matching by id in B table


API display name: user.find_by(user_id: @user_session.record.id).user_main_id 

What is important about the contents of @user_session!

Reference URL https://qiita.com/tsuchinoko_run/items/f3926caaec461cfa1ca3

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