Refactored GUI tools made with Java8 + JavaFX in 2016



The problem I was having

Problem decomposition

What was important

What I did / what I was able to do

Finally achieved my wish on 5/11/2020

Now works with custom JRE

Automatic build and automatic release with CI


Automatic format

Changed to format before build with google-java-format-gradle-plugin

Visualization of test coverage

Code diet

Before refactoring

$ find src/ -name '*.java' | xargs wc -l
       31 src/application/fileList/
      189 src/application/fileList/
       31 src/application/imageViewer/
      288 src/application/imageViewer/
       92 src/application/
      471 src/application/
       44 src/application/options/
      104 src/application/options/
       40 src/application/options/
      165 src/application/options/
       69 src/application/options/
       36 src/application/outputViewer/
      122 src/application/outputViewer/
       33 src/application/outputViewer/
      130 src/application/outputViewer/
       25 src/application/
       29 src/application/version/
       42 src/application/version/
     1941 total

After completion

# main
$ find src/main/java/ -name '*.java' | xargs wc -l
         8 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/data/
        42 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/data/
        38 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/data/
        67 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/
       422 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/
       235 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
        21 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
        52 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
       211 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
       133 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
        15 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/util/
         6 src/main/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/
      1250 total

# test
$ find src/test -name '*.java' | xargs wc -l
        13 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/data/
        29 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/data/
        26 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/data/
       212 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
        28 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
        64 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
       143 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
       120 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/model/
        43 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/util/
        13 src/test/java/com/jiro4989/tkfm/
       691 total

Test code maintenance

Time taken


Having a hard time

I'm not stupid about suffering from the tools I made (ridiculous)


JavaFX Separation Problem (jmods)

Custom JRE

I don't have the source code for my library


I'm glad I did it

Reflection 4 years ago

from now on


If I had done these from the beginning, I wouldn't have had such a painful feeling ...

that's all

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