For the time being, run the war file delivered in Java with Docker


I am running a .war file developed by another company, Currently, I started using Tomcat of EB, but I just wanted to make it Docker in consideration of quick operation check locally and ease of scaling.

I'll move it quickly

The goal is to write a Dockerfile and quickly complete a local Dockerfile.

Write a Dockerfile

FROM tomcat:8.5-jdk15-openjdk-slim

ENV CATALINA_HOME /usr/local/tomcat

COPY sample.war webapps/sample.war

The version of tomcat is 8.5 series currently used and started for the time being. In tomcat, if you deploy the war file under webapps, it will be expanded automatically, so just set up tomcat and copy the war file.

to start

After that, hit the tag appropriately and start the container

$ docker build . -t sample:0.1
$ docker container run --name sample-container -p 80:8080 sample:0.1

After that, since the war file is expanded, access http: // localhost/{war file name} /

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