[RUBY] [Rails] About the Punk List function


This time I implemented and reviewed the Punks function so that I can implement it again soon

I would like to write it down.

I will implement it. : fire :: fire:

What is the Punks function?

It is a function that makes it easy to visually understand which page you are currently on.

In the story "Hansel and Gretel", Hansel and Gretel dropped the dust on the mark of the road they came while walking in the woods so as not to get lost, so it was a "punk waste function". It seems that the name of gem is "gretel".

It's cute: bread:

By the way, Hansel is a boy and Gretel is a girl. : couple:

[gem gretel] Details


Describe the gem "gretel" in the "Gemfile"


gem 'gretel'

Install it.

bundle install

Entering this will generate a "breadcrumbs.rb" file under the "config" directory.

rails g gretel:install


Edit the configuration file.


# crumb "Current page (also described on the page to be displayed)" do
# link "Display name in the Punk list", "The path of the page you want to access"
# parent "Parent element page(Previous page)"

crumb :pics do
  link "Home", root_path

crumb :advises do 
  link "Consultation list", advises_path
  parent :pics

crumb :new_advise do 
  link "Consultation new post", new_advise_path
  parent :advises

crumb :show_advise do 
  link "Consultation details", advise_path
  parent :advises

view file

Use the optional "pretext" When you enter a character, that character is output.

Using "separator" If you enter " & rsaquo; ", ">" will be output.


<p><%= breadcrumbs pretext: "You are here: ",
                                      separator: "&rsaquo;" %></p>


<% breadcrumb :pics %>


<% breadcrumb :advises %>

The output looks like this.

スクリーンショット 2021-01-17 11.24.09.png


<% breadcrumb :new_advise %>

The output looks like this.

スクリーンショット 2021-01-17 11.23.24.png


<% breadcrumb :show_advise, @advise %>

The output looks like this.

スクリーンショット 2021-01-17 11.22.50.png

It was displayed! !! : sparkles:


It took a while since I implemented the Punks function in the new file and show file for the first time. I was able to implement it safely! !!

It's convenient to know where you are.

There seem to be other options, so I would like to try different ones.

By the way

Here it is written like this. Forum: Is the breadcrumb trail above or below the page?

A follower asked Google's John Mueller on Twitter.

Mr. Mueller replied:

It doesn't matter where you install it.

For personal advice, I recommend adding user interface elements to your page to make them easier to use (otherwise it wouldn't make sense to add them). However, it depends on the site whether it is easy to use. And you are the one who knows the site best.

I see So today I want to end this! !!


DoRuby: Create breadcrumb trail with gretel

virtualiment: How to use Gem gretel to display breadcrumb trails in Ruby on Rails

You can see the details from github. GitHub gretel


Web knowledge to keep in mind: [Ruby on Rails] I will explain the app directory and config directory in an easy-to-understand manner!

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