[JAVA] ProxyFactory is convenient when you want to test AOP in Spring!


--I want to test if the AOP settings are working ――However, it is difficult to test if you are performing processing that causes side effects to the outside (eg transaction, log output ... etc). --Proxy Factory is convenient in such a case

First, write a normal test code

Prepare the following Service class and MethodInterceptor as a prerequisite.

AOP target Service

class SampleService {
    fun execute() {


class SampleInterceptor(
        private val name: String
) : MethodInterceptor {
    override fun invoke(invocation: MethodInvocation?): Any? {
        println("intercept by $name")
        return invocation?.proceed()

class SampleServicePointCut : StaticMethodMatcherPointcut() {
    override fun matches(method: Method, @Nullable targetClass: Class<*>?): Boolean {
        return targetClass?.let { SampleService::class.java.isAssignableFrom(it) } ?: false


@EnableAspectJAutoProxy(proxyTargetClass = true)
class AopConfig {

    fun interceptorA(): Advisor {
        return DefaultPointcutAdvisor(SampleServicePointCut(), SampleInterceptor("configured interceptor"))

Test code

class SpringTestApplication

@SpringBootTest(classes = [SpringTestApplication::class])
internal class SampleServiceTest {
    private lateinit var service: SampleService

    fun test() {

Execution result

intercept by configured interceptor

Let's write the test code as follows using ProxyFactory

Test code using ProxyFactory

fun testByProxy() {
    val factory = ProxyFactory(SampleService())
    factory.addAdvisor(DefaultPointcutAdvisor(SampleServicePointCut(), SampleInterceptor("Proxy")))
    val proxy = factory.proxy as SampleService

Execution result

intercept by Proxy

Kotlin may create a Util function

It is also good to create a util function using Extension.

Example using kotlin extension Test code using ProxyFactory

fun testByProxy() {
    val proxy = SampleService().proxy {
        addAdvisor(DefaultPointcutAdvisor(SampleServicePointCut(), SampleInterceptor("Proxy")))

fun <T : Any> T.proxy(settings: ProxyFactory.() -> Unit): T {
    return ProxyFactory(this).also { settings(it) }.proxy as T

AspectJProxyFactory if using @Aspect

Service and Config

class SampleAspect(
        private val name: String = ""
) {
    @Before("execution(* SampleAspectService.*(..))")
    fun advice() {
        println("advice by $name")

class SampleAspectService {
    fun execute() {

Test code

fun testAspectProxy() {
    val factory = AspectJProxyFactory(SampleAspectService())
    val proxy = factory.getProxy() as SampleAspectService

Execution result

advice by proxy

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