Rails6 (MySQL, Ubuntu environment, Cloud9)

1 Install rails gem

#For rails6
gem install rails -v 6.0.1
#rails5.In case of 2
gem install rails -v 5.2.1

2 MySQL settings (MySQL itself is installed by default in Cloud9)

#If you do not install this, you will get an error when installing mysql2 gem.
$ sudo apt-get install libmysqld-dev

3 Rails new

$ rails new appname -d mysql

4 Create a MySQL Account

$ sudo mysql -u root   #Login as root user
$ mysql> create user 'username' identified by 'password';  #User created
$ mysql> grant all on *.* to 'username';  #ALL authorization

#To confirm the created user, use the following command
$ mysql> select User,Host from mysql.user;

5 Edit config / database.yml

default: &default
  adapter: mysql2
  encoding: unicode
  pool: 5
  #Below, 3 lines added
  username: <username> #Same as the set MySQL Account
  password: <password> #Same as the set MySQL Account
  host: localhost
  <<: *default
  database: appname_development #The appname should be the appname for rails new.
  <<: *default
  database: appname_test #The appname should be the appname for rails new.

6 Create database with rails db: create & install webpacker

$ cd appname
$ rails db:create

#Not required for rails5
$ source <(curl -sL https://cdn.learnenough.com/yarn_install)
$ yarn install --check-files
$ rails webpacker:install


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