I tried node-jt400 (IFS write)

IFS write This is the end of the coding example.


var jt400 = require("node-jt400");
var express = require("express");
var iconv = require('iconv-lite');
var app = express();

var pool = jt400.pool({ host: '192.168.X.XXX', user: 'MYUSER', password: 'MYPASS' });

var server = app.listen(8888, function () {
  console.log("curl http://localhost:" + server.address().port + '/~');

app.get("/ifsWrite", function (req, res, next) {
    var sqlReadableStream = pool.createReadStream("select * from member");
    var ifs = pool.ifs();
    var writer = ifs.createWriteStream("/myIfsFolder/node-write.txt", { append: true });
    var buffer = "";
    sqlReadableStream.on("data", function (chunk) {
        buffer += chunk;
    sqlReadableStream.on('end', function () {
        writer.write(iconv.encode(buffer, "UTF-8"));
        res.send(iconv.encode(buffer, "UTF-8"));

I wrote the SQL result to IFS.


I returned the characters correctly to the console, but the characters were garbled in the IFS file.


Java source modification of node-jt400 (corresponding to garbled characters)

The source to be modified is \ java \ src \ nodejt400 \ IfsWriteStream.java. On line 29 is the following code.


fos = new IFSFileOutputStream(file, IFSFileOutputStream.SHARE_ALL, append);

Specify the code page. (This time UTF-8)


fos = new IFSFileOutputStream(file, IFSFileOutputStream.SHARE_ALL, append, 1208);

If the build is successful, replace jt400wrap.jar and try again.


It would be nice if it could be parameterized, but I don't have that much knowledge yet ...

The poster does not take any responsibility for the source modification. Please do so at your own risk.

Added on December 28, 2017 I put the pre-built jt400wrap.jar in here.

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