[JAVA] Migrate from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5

I tried migrating an existing JUnit 4 project to take advantage of JUnit 5 features.

Migration procedure

(1) Add a dependency

Add the following three dependencies.

pom.xml description example (latest version as of November 28, 2018)

(2) Update the test method

You can use junit-vintage-engine to run JUnit 3 and JUnit 4 tests on JUnit 5, but you can also update anything that can be converted by simple annotation replacement.

JUnit 4 (org.junit.*) JUnit 5 (org.junit.jupiter.api.*)
Test Test ※
Ignore Disabled
Before BeforeEach
After AfterEach
BeforeClass BeforeAll
AfterClass AfterAll

Run JUnit 5 in Eclipse

You can run JUnit 5 with Eclipse 4.7.3 (Oxygen) or above. To run it, right-click on the class (method) you want to test → Run → JUnit Test.


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