[Windows] [IntelliJ] [Java] [Tomcat] Create a Tomcat9 environment with IntelliJ

Java and Tomcat Elementary Notes


Apache Tomcat® - Welcome!

Verification environment

Type version
OS Windows 10 64bit
JDK jdk1.8.0_121
IDE IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.3
Tomcat 9.0.0.M21

Install tomcat

This time, I verified it with the latest Tomcat 9. Apache Tomcat® - Apache Tomcat 9 Software Downloads

Install the 32-bit / 64-bit Windows Service Installer on the download page.

During the installation, add an admin account and this time use it for authentication.

Add deployment destination server settings

Add the server settings that Maven goes to browse. Add the following to C: \ Users \ user \ .m2 \ settings.xml. ʻId is optional. ʻUsername / password is added once with the admin account.

Add tomcat account


Maven – Settings Reference

Create a new project in IntelliJ

Select maven-achetype-webapp in new Maven project


Modify pom.xml

After creating the project, add the following to pom.xml.


    <!--Add the following-->

maven-compiler-plugin => Explicitly specify version (1.8 this time) tomcat7-maven-plugin => Specify the server to deploy to

After adding the plugin settings, run Maven Reimport


Added deployment settings when building IntelliJ

Add settings from ʻEdit Configurations`


Select Tomcat Server from Add +


ʻSpecify the Tomcat 9 installed on Application Server`.


In the Deployment tab in the same settings, specify the artifact (* .war) generated by the project.


ʻSpecify the application name in Apptication Context. (TODO: If you leave /`, the initial screen of Tomcat will be displayed)



If you execute the build with the settings completed, it will be executed with the war file deployed on Tomcat.


Modify ʻindex.jsp` as follows.


<h2>Hello World!!!</h2>
<%= new java.util.Date() %>

I was able to confirm that it was reflected.



I think it's rough because it's my first year, but for the time being I was able to build a minimum environment.


Servlet / Introduction to JSP: Java server-side application I tried deploying a web application to Tomcat using IntelliJ IDEA-Qiita 5. Real application development with Maven | TECHSCORE

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