Rock-paper-scissors game for beginners in Java

It's been about a month since I started studying, so I wrote a rock-paper-scissors game while reviewing. I was able to write a program with only the main method relatively quickly, I had a hard time trying to make something that looked like object-oriented. Since I am self-taught, I think there are many things to do.



package janken;

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        final String errorException = "Please enter the correct number.";
        final String errorMessage = "Please enter a number from 0 to 2 or 99.";
        final String exitMessage = "Finish";
		final String menuMessage = "0:Goo 1:Choki 2:Par 99:End";
		Player you = new Player();
		Player enemy = new Player();
		for(;;) {
		    try {
		    	you.jankenNum = new java.util.Scanner(;	
			    enemy.jankenNum = new java.util.Random().nextInt(3);
			    if(you.jankenNum == 99) {
			    } else if(you.jankenNum < 0 | you.jankenNum > 2) {
			    	//If an incorrect number is entered ...
			    } else {
			    	//Battle method call.
			    	Battle result = new Battle();
			    	result.battle(you, enemy);
		    } catch(java.util.InputMismatchException error) {
		    	//If a non-numeric value is entered ...


package janken;

public class Player {
	//Holds the number of wins and losses of the player. Defines rock-paper-scissors hands, wins and losses, etc.
    int jankenNum;
    final String goo = "Goo";
    final String choki = "Choki";
    final String par = "Par";
    int win; int lose; int draw;
    String Hand() {
    	//Convert player numbers into rock-paper-scissors hands.
		switch(this.jankenNum) {
		case 0:
		case 1:
		    return this.choki;
		case 2:
		    return this.par;
			return null;
    void board(int win, int lose, int draw) {
    	//Display the number of wins and losses.
    	System.out.println("Win:" + + " Lose:" + this.lose + " Draw:" + this.draw);


package janken;

public class Battle {
	//Decide the victory or defeat.
	final String aiko = "Aiko";
	final String kachi = "win";
	final String make = "Lose";
	void battle(Player pc1, Player pc2) {
		//Decide whether to win or lose between players.
		int result = (pc1.jankenNum - pc2.jankenNum +3) % 3;
	    switch(result) {
	    //Win or lose is decided from each other's hands and stored as a score. View results.
	    case 0:
	    	System.out.println(pc1.Hand() + " VS " + pc2.Hand());
	    	pc1.draw += 1; pc2.draw += 1;
	    	pc1.board(, pc1.lose, pc1.draw);
	    case 1:
	    	System.out.println(pc1.Hand() + " VS " + pc2.Hand());
	    	pc1.lose += 1; += 1;
	    	pc1.board(, pc1.lose, pc1.draw);
	    case 2:
	    	System.out.println(pc1.Hand() + " VS " + pc2.Hand());
	    	System.out.println(kachi); += 1; pc2.lose += 1;
	    	pc1.board(, pc1.lose, pc1.draw);

I'm satisfied because it worked like that for the time being. It's quite difficult to think about how to divide it.

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