[RUBY] [Rails] I tried using the button_to method for the first time


I am creating an original app with Rails. I wanted to execute the update action directly from the page displayed by the index action, so I used the button_to method.

Development environment ruby 2.6.5 Rails

table of contents

  1. How to use button_to
  2. Difference from link_to

1. How to use button_to

Similar to the commonly used link_to, you can create buttons instead of links. It's simple and consists of button names, paths, actions and options. The default HTTP method is post.


<%= button_to "Button name", {Path or controller name and action name}, {option} %>

The ones I created this time are as follows. suggestion_path (suggestion.id) is the path set in the update routing. The HTTP method of the update action is patch, so you need to change it from the default post.


<%= button_to "Cleaning completed", suggestion_path(suggestion.id), method: :patch, class: "register-blue-btn" %>


2. Difference from link_to

The default HTTP method for link_to is get. Also, link_to creates a link using the a tag, while button_to creates a form.

Reference page [Rails] Explains how to use button_to in an easy-to-understand manner! that's all

** Impression ** I still don't understand this area properly, but if you want to perform an action, is it button_to? Since you can also specify the controller, it seems that you can also execute actions of other controllers.

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