[Ruby] Exclude and replace specific patterns with regular expressions


--http: // aaa / ccc http: // aaa / bbb / ccc --However, you can leave the http: // aaa / bbb / ccc as it is.

I wanted a command that could be used in that situation. In other words, it is an exclusion that there are patterns that replace, but exclude everything instead of replacing it.


Use regular expression negative look-ahead

For example, if you don't replace only the past system of play,

"play plays played".gsub(/play(?!ed)/, "eat")
#=> "eat eats played"

It becomes the command. Regarding the above url,

"http://aaa/ccc".gsub(/http:\/\/aaa\/(?!bbb\/)/, "http://aaa/bbb/")

"http://aaa/bbb/ccc".gsub(/http:\/\/aaa\/(?!bbb\/)/, "http://aaa/bbb/")
# => "http://aaa/bbb/ccc"

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