A story about the JDK in the Java 11 era


This is the part related to Java (JDK) of Web service Java 11 support. Many people have written this article, but this article is just a reminder when I choose OpenJDK 11.

JDK 11 choices

At least for now, you have the following JDK options:

OracleJDK The official JDK of Oracle, which was not mentioned. In terms of safety and security, it is one step ahead of other JDKs. Java 11 or later can be obtained by contracting with Oracle. (Download available for development) You can also get indefinite eternal support by contracting & paying.

Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap ](https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/jp/java/eol-135779-ja.html)

In the project I am in, I decided that it would be difficult to keep paying a relatively high price (additional premium price after 3 years support), so I was NG.

OpenJDK A JDK that is being developed by the Java development community, including Oracle. It seems to be the basis for other JDK implementations. The bottleneck is that the support life cycle is as short as 6 months (until the next JDK release).

In my project, I chose OpenJDK because I could pay the update cost because I was relieved that it was close to the official JDK of Oracle.

Redhat OpenJDK JDK maintained by Red Hat. It seems that long-term support will be provided on RedHat Linux. Since it is necessary to purchase a license for RedHat Linux, the introduction hurdle is close to Oracle JDK and it is difficult because of OS restrictions.

In my project, I didn't use RedHat Linux, so I didn't install it.

AdoptOpenJDK A JDK that is being developed by several companies and communities, including IBM. The current code base seems to be provided as a build with OpenJDK. I am wondering how it will be operated after the actual support life cycle of the corresponding version ends.

In the project I am in, I was worried about the results and decided not to introduce it.

ZuleOpenJDK JDK maintained by Azure Systems. It seems that free long-term support will be provided. It became a hot topic that support was provided by Microsoft's Azure. I am wondering how it will be operated after the actual support life cycle of the corresponding version ends.

In the project I'm in, I wasn't using Azure and, like AdoptOpenJDK, I was worried about the performance, so I didn't introduce it.

Amazon Corretto Amazon (Amazon Web Services) JDK to maintain. It seems that free long-term support will be provided. It was a big topic because of the comment from Java developer James Gosling who is currently on Amazon Web Services and the fact that it is already used as a JDK on Amazon Web Services.

In the project I am in, the introduction was NG because it is the current preview version. I have a feeling that if it becomes the official version, it will be considered for introduction in the future.


In the project I am in, the decision-maker is relatively stable-minded, so I chose OpenJDK because I can pay the update cost, but it started to be talked about around the spring of 2018. There are more options than around the time.

Depending on the conditions, there are many things that can be used while receiving free long-term support like the past JDK, and I think that many people are worried.

It seems that the topic will come up again around the beginning of 2019 when Java 8 support ends, or around March 2019 when OpenJDK 11 support ends, but I hope it will be helpful for everyone's choice.

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