Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine when installing Eclipse.


When I tried to install Eclipse on my Mac, I was angry with "Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine."


It's the first time I've been humiliated during installation

Of course Java is included

From the conclusion, as expected, the usual one

That's setting -vm to the ini file


I'm not sure why, but when I fix the ini file with vim I get this error:


As long as I do it with vim, it seems that I have to put "Eclipse" in the trash can.

It works well if you do it with GUI while pushing the feeling of being ridiculous.


Procedure outline

  1. Copy "Eclipse" to a suitable location
  2. Right-click "Eclipse" in Finder> View Package Contents> Open Contents / Eclipse / eclipse-inst.ini with a text editor
  3. Set Java8 path in ʻeclipse-inst.ini`

1. Copy "Eclipse" to a suitable location

Normally when you download and click eclipse-inst-mac64.dmg, the eclipse installer should be mounted on / Volumes / Eclipse Installer.

Then, there is "Eclipse" in it, so copy it to a suitable location.

This can be GUI or CLI.

Note that the following / Volumes / Eclipse Installer is Read Only, so you cannot edit it unless you copy it.

2. Right-click "Eclipse" in Finder> View Package Contents> Open Contents / Eclipse / eclipse-inst.ini with a text editor

There is no supplementary explanation here.

Don't do it with vim as mentioned above

3. Set Java8 path in ʻeclipse-inst.ini`

Add these two lines to ʻeclipse-inst.ini`.


The reason for Java8 is that the installer didn't work with the latest (14) in my environment.

I haven't tried whether it works with Java9.

If you don't have Java8, put it in like this.

$ brew tap AdoptOpenJDK/openjdk
$ brew cask install adoptopenjdk8

It's a shame, but if you have the latest Java, you should have a management tool such as jenv.

Rerun the installer

After modifying the ini file, double-click "Eclipse" from the Finder.

You should be able to see the usual screen.



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