[RUBY] [Rails 6] method :: delete cannot be used with link_to


<% = link_to'logout','logout_path, method:: delete%> Click the link No route matches [GET]'/ login' is displayed. ↓ The request has been sent by Get instead of Delete. ↓ If you check the HTML, you can see the description of data-method =" delete " in the corresponding a tag.

The solution I found by google

None of the following has changed

--Load jquery_ujs with app/javascripts/packs/application.js --Modify the js file reading part in the head --Add gemjquery-rails

First aid

After changing link_to to button_to, method:: delete now works. But I still want to use link_to.

How it worked

$ yarn remove @fullhuman/postcss-purgecss

After deleting the npm library called postcss-purgecss, which I introduced but eventually stopped using, method:: delete came to work.

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