[RUBY] Use Extend (Concerns) in Rails to standardize Controller processing.


I wanted to output the article list to Page # home. @ posts = Post.all data is in the Post model, controller. Not in Page model and controller. I was googled how to bring Post data to Page.


I want to bring this information to Page.


class PostsController < ApplicationController

    def index
      @posts = Post.all

Import to Page.


class Page < ApplicationRecord

   + extend Post::Models

Let's define Post information on Page.


def home
  @posts = Post.all

It was output.


<%= @posts.each do |p| %>
 <%= p.thumbnail %>
 <%= p.title %> 
 <%= p.tag %> 
 <%= p.content %> 
<% end %> 

There is an article that explains it better. ↓ https://github.com/mc-chinju/qiita_clone/commit/262a6178d5a2eb77c6f507cf9386cb61825bfbaf https://medium.com/@yavuz255/rake-aborted-2da1233a4561 https://railsguides.jp/active_model_basics.html

Other way ↓ How to create a file in controller/concern https://programming-beginner-zeroichi.jp/articles/142

Related words when google

extend ActiveSupport::Concern rails concern

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