Install Sidekiq pro on Rails

When trying to use sidekiq pro with Rails I couldn't find an installation method on the official wiki, I had a hard time, so I put it together.

How to use sidekiq There are various blog articles, but there aren't many pros ...

Official wiki


Add sidekiq-pro to your Gemfile.

gem 'sidekiq-pro', source: ""

I'm going to check the site at the time of bundle install, but I need the authentication information at that time.

It seems that the ID and password required for connection are generally stored in environment variables. (By the way, the ID and password seem to be available when you purchase the pro license.)

export BUNDLE_GEMS__CONTRIBSYS__COM= id : pass

After setting the environment variables, install them.

bundle install

After installation, start sidekiq.

bundle exec sidekiq

When you start sidekiq, if something like ASCII art is on sidekiq pro, you can install it.

スクリーンショット 2021-01-07 16.32.43.png


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