[Java] How to omit spring constructor injection with Lombok

Make a note of the technique used by seniors at work

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1. What is Lombok?

This is a convenient library that automatically generates boilerplate code (a standard code that cannot be omitted due to language specifications) at compile time. For example, JavaBean getters / setters can be annotated.

2. Try constructor injection

Suppose HogeLogic is using FugaLogic and you want to get it from a DI container.

2-1. General Spring constructor injection

Let's write a normal Spring constructor injection.

Sample A

public class HogeLogic {

  private final FugaLogic fugaLogic;

  @Autowired // <- 4.Can be omitted after 3
  public HogeLogic(FugaLogic fugaLogic) {
    this.fugaLogic = fugaLogic;

  // some method

The important thing is that since ** spring4.3 you can omit @Autowired if you have one constructor **.

2-2. Constructor injection omitted in Lombok

Let's write the constructor injection omitted in Lombok. Just annotate @RequiredArgsConstructor to the class: angel:

Sample B

@RequiredArgsConstructor // <-here
public class HogeLogic {

  private final FugaLogic fugaLogic;

  // some method

Tips. Try delombok

Looking at the automatically generated code, it looks like this:

Sample C

public class HogeLogic {

  private final FugaLogic fugaLogic;

  public HogeLogic(FugaLogic fugaLogic) {
    this.fugaLogic = fugaLogic;

  // some method

The @Autowired pear version of Sample A is complete.

3. What do you mean?

@RequiredArgsConstructor Annotation to generate a constructor that has initialization parameters of fields that need to be initialized (such as final fields) as arguments. [TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x) Development Guideline | 11.2. Elimination of Boilerplate Code (Lombok)](http://terasolunaorg.github.io/guideline/5.3.1.RELEASE/en/Appendix/Lombok .html)

The effect of @RequiredArgsConstructor creates a constructor, Since there is only one constructor, it means that @Autowired is omitted. The constructor was automatically injected ...

The combined technique is amazing.

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