Ruby on rails learning record -2020.10.04

Rails design policy DRY:Don't Repeat Yourself Do not repeat the same work

CoC:Convention over Configuration Prioritize convention over configuration

Rails console Launch the Rails console ```rails console rails c ```

Exit Rails console

View data


Show all data


Display specific data


Substitute specific data into a variable and retrieve the column

article = Article.find(1)


Update column

article = Article.find(1)

article.content = "hello world"

Show all data

articles = Aricle.all

articles.each {|article| p article}

-What is migration? Mechanism for creating / modifying database tables

Generate a migration file to add columns rails generate migration AddCategoryToArticle category:string

Reflect database settings rails db:migrate

Cancel database settings rails db:rollback Post a new article in the Rails console article = article.feeling = "(^o^)"

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