Delete All from Java SDK in Azure Cosmos DB


After getting the document, specify the document ID and PartitionKey and delete it.


		// Azure Cosmos DB Libraries for Java

		FeedOptions queryOptions = new FeedOptions();

		String host = "yourhost";

		// Get key from Azure Web Console
		// read write key
		String key = "yourkey";

		DocumentClient client = new DocumentClient("https://" //
				+ host //
				+ "", key, //
				new ConnectionPolicy(), ConsistencyLevel.Session);

		String collectionLink = String.format("/dbs/%s/colls/%s", DATABASE_ID, COLLECTION_ID); //Specify appropriately

		String q = "SELECT * FROM container1";
		//All documents
		List<Document> results = client //
				.queryDocuments(collectionLink, q, queryOptions).getQueryIterable().toList();

		for (Document doc : results) {
			String documentLink = doc.getSelfLink();
			RequestOptions options = new RequestOptions();
			// check your configuration of cosmos db container
			String partitionKey = ((org.json.JSONObject) doc.get("item")).getString("xxx");
			options.setPartitionKey(new PartitionKey(partitionKey));

			client.deleteDocument(documentLink, options);
			System.err.println("deleted: " + documentLink);


You must specify the value, not the Patition key. Since "SELECT * FROM c" can be done, it seems that "DELETE * FROM c" can be done, but it seems that it cannot be done.

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