Organized memo in the head (Java --Control syntax)

My Java environment

for statement

for (Initialization statement,Conditional statement,Update) {
    //Iterative processing

do-while statement

do {
    ... //Iterative processing
} while(Control statement);

Omission of curly braces ({})

In the case of a while statement, only one statement is subject to repetition. (The ʻifstatement feels the same.) (If you write the following process using IDE, it will shift the indent, so it seems to be correct.) (Not one line, one sentence. Up to;`.)

int param = 0;
while (param < 3)
    System.out.println("param:" + param);

Is the execution result

・ ・ ・

It becomes an infinite loop.

↓ is a compilation error.

    System.out.println("param:" + param);
while(param < 3);

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