Kind @ Mac in Docker and vctl container

kind (kubernetes in docker) kind is a tool that can build a kubernetes cluster with a Docker container as a node. In this article, after trying the pattern of building a kubernetes cluster using Docker container as usual, we will try the pattern of using VMware Fusion vctl container instead of Docker container. I referred to the article here for the Docker container pattern and here for the vctl container pattern.


Pattern using Docker container

  1. To use kind, you need go v1.14 or higher, so first install go.

    $ brew install go

Or $ brew upgrade go ```

  1. Add the following to ~/.zshrc to pass the go PATH.

    export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
    export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin
  2. Install kind.

    $ GO111MODULE="on" go get[email protected]
    #Confirmation of installation
    $ kind version
  3. Try building a single node cluster. Just run the following command:

    $ kind create cluster
  4. To use the kubectl command, you need to set environment variables.

  1. To delete the cluster, execute the following command.

    $ kind delete cluster --name kind
    $ unset KUBECONFIG
  2. For the construction of multi-node cluster, please refer to the article here, so I will omit it. I was able to build it with the same procedure.

Pattern using vctl container

  1. Prerequisites The required free memory varies depending on the number of nodes in the cluster to be built. It seems that 2GB of free memory is required for 1 node and 4GB for 2 nodes. Check the free memory of your Mac in advance.

  2. Start the vctl container runtime with the following command.

    $ vctl system start    
    Downloading 3 files...
    Downloading [kubectl 93.95% kind-darwin-amd64 13.11% crx.vmdk 4.31%]
    Finished kubectl 100.00%
    Downloading [kind-darwin-amd64 95.58% crx.vmdk 45.76%]
    Finished kind-darwin-amd64 100.00%
    Downloading [crx.vmdk 97.06%]
    Finished crx.vmdk 100.00%
    3 files successfully downloaded.
    Preparing storage...
    Container storage has been prepared successfully under 
    Launching container runtime...
    Container runtime has been started.
  3. Make vctl-based kind available with the following command. If you run $ kind version, you'll see that it's a different version than the kind you just installed, so you've switched to a vctl-based one.

    $ vctl kind
    vctl-based KIND is ready now. KIND will run local Kubernetes clusters 
    by using vctl containers as "nodes"
    * All Docker commands has been aliased to vctl in the current 
    terminal. Docker commands performed in current window would be 
    executed through vctl. If you need to use regular Docker commands, 
    please use a separate terminal window.
    #Confirmation of installation
    $ kind version
    kind v0.9.0 go1.15.2 darwin/amd64
  4. Build a cluster As with the Docker container, build a cluster with the following command.

    $ kind create cluster

If the build fails, check the free memory as it may be out of memory.

$ vctl system config --k8s-mem 2g

You have successfully built a kubernetes cluster using kind. Since it is possible to build a lightweight and high-speed (single / multi-node) cluster in a local environment, I thought it would be convenient to use it as a test environment close to the actual environment. However, when building a multi-node cluster with vctl-based kind, it seems that a large amount of memory (at least 6GB of free memory is required even for 3 nodes) and some machine specifications are required, so please be patient. Please be careful.

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